Do You Have It In a Smaller Size...?

As previously mentioned somewhere in the past on this blog, last summer for fun & laughs we printed a few copies of a complete miniature version of The WunderCabinet. These shrunken heads came in at about 30% the size of the original, which means a page of about 3 x 4 inches, with text in 2-pt type (printed on dampened pieces of Reg Lissel's linen paper deemed too thin for the full-sized book). As is always the case with Barbara and Claudia, this little bit of off-hand hilarity snowballed out of all proportions, with everyone attempting to outdo the others, and has yielded this:

Which is to say, five miniature replicas of the deluxe issue of The WunderCabinet (plus 3 hors de commerce). It's the same full-leather binding with onlays, laid into a box covered in wood veneers, with accompanying oddments and disturbing bits.

These photos are the first completed copy: Claudia's been spending an unprofitably large amount of time with this little distraction, during which she reportedly has overcome much of her strong dislike for small books. Meanwhile, we'll continue pondering how to list this mini-WunderCabinet in the HM bibliography.