Plata O Tinta

Back to work at the press, printing the second volume in HM's occasional Artists' Pamphlet series. My Dark Room is David George's two-tiered essay on his work with photograms, and the medium's  unexplored artistic potential. It also presents the first ever reproduction of his photograms - each of which is, by definition, a unique work, not a matrix for reproduction (like film would be) - as photogravures. Two different original photograms were reproduced from copper photo-etchings at New Leaf Editions. Each copy of the pamphlet will feature one or the other of these as a frontis. The ten Patron copies of the book will feature both.

This project also marks our first experiment with using silver ink. Looks fantastic on the roller. The stuff we got was exactly stiff & tacky - runny would be the word. Not exactly how we like ink. However, rolled out, a little went a very long way: basically we just had to tell the roller the ink was in the room, and that was enough.
The next few days will be spent printing David's essay: one sheet, four pages, two colors both sides. One hundred & fifty impressions per day, which is a lot for a prosaic handpress outfit like HM. We'll see how it goes...