Cutting Through

Cutting Paper, the next book from the Hodgson/Cohen team, is making progress with many small, precise cuts. In terms of collating the signatures and many samples presented on individual leaves, it is perhaps the most complex book the two have yet undertaken (which, when you consider The WunderCabinet and their color series, is saying something).

Over the past eight months Barbara has worked full-time on the brief essays describing each of the sections focusing on cut paper art from specific countries, cultures and techniques, and the overall design for the book. Claudia has been developing ideas for the binding (handmade paper with the tile and designs cut out, over thin boards; an early prototype shown above), and both of them have been hunting for historical samples (in sufficient quantities for the edition) and creating original pieces for the book (Claudia's poor apprentice has been cutting out dozens of tiny paper swans).

A page for the book has been added to the HM site, with some additional details. We'll continue to post project updates on this blog as production progresses. We will have a copy on display at the Codex book fair next February. Later this month we will be contacting our regular booksellers and collectors of previous works by Barbara and Claudia, to reserve copies. Like their previous books, we expect demand to exceed supply (the edition will be just 30 copies).