Kaichu Shi

Been going deep with identifying papers lately, for the new book. Here's a package of Japanese paper, each sheet about 8 x 10 inches. Origin unknown. Kind of an off-white kozo feel. Asked a Japanese acquaintance what the characters on the front said: "kaichu shi" was the answer. This is a package of the Kleenex-like tissues women kept in their kimonos. (Apparently, crumpled-up ones are often seen on old, erotic Japanese woodcuts...)

Completely unrelated, this week loscil posted his phonautogram prints, editioned at HM, available through his site. An edition of 20, each print in a folder set & printed at HM. Cheap at the price. (You'll also see signed copies of his City Hospital-related project from Irish publisher WistRec, which will be the subject of a future post.) He also releasing (digital only) a new remix album of songs from the new - and highly praised - iPad app called Hundreds.