Back in the Press, 50 Years Later

A shot of the first sheet through the press for Metal Types & Some Paper. Not really indicative of what the rest of the book will look like, because this one is building on a sheet that was originally printed over 50 years ago. It's one of the pages from Kuthan's Menagerie, published by Robert Reid in 1960. When the unbound copies that ended up being issued at Kuthan's Menagerie Completed came to us, there was a complete extra run of this page from the introduction. No idea why. We decided to recycle them for the Perpetua display page on the specimen book. It's slightly smaller than the book's 7 x 10 inch format, but a few of the other sheets are slightly smaller as well. Most of the other display pages in the book will be less text heavy & more shaped or patterned in the setting. Off & running.