Industrial Printing

The gang at New Leaf Editions were having fun in the sun last weekend, printing 4 x 8 foot woodcuts with a steamroller. They had about five different blocks, each by a different artist. Inking each one up took five or ten minutes and a small team of inkers.

The blocks were laid on the pavement and the paper or cloth to be printed laid over. It was all then covered with two rubber blankets (one thick, one thin).

Andrea drove the press while Peter checked "registration." They'd wanted a machine with a wider roller, but it blew up or something, so they got one that was just slightly wider than the 4-foot blocks.

Revealing the print!

Considering it was hard to get a shot of anything without at least one other shutterbug cramming the frame, I can't find any other photos of the printing out there, so no details about artists etc. available at this time.

The mob at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts is holding their wayzgoose this coming Friday. They've been mashing prints with a steamroller for a number of years now. Be interesting to compare their methods.