Halfway Down the Highway

Halfway through printing the Sunblind Highway sampler of Harold Budd's poems. It includes three poems from the upcoming Aurora Teardrops, one being the title poem. So, Sunblind Highway contains the first publication of the the poem "Aurora Teardrops"! That'll drive cataloguers and collectors crazy.

The sheets shown above are from the Publisher's 20 special copies printed on Arches Wove; the remaining 80 are on Somerset Book, an English all-cotton sheet. I'm running a total of 130 sheets through the press, to allow for wastage & my general boneheadedness. The white-on-white paste papers that the printed sheets are lying on will be used for the wrap of the Publisher's copies. (The designs were created with titanium white by Reg Lissel, on sheets of all-cotton paper made by him.) The Author copies will be sewn into a forest green sheet of Guarro laid paper, with the title printed in gold on the front.

Must push on. Takes three days to complete a sheet, plus there are the covers to print, & then everything has to be collated & sewn. I probably should have started a week earlier...