Harold Budd's "Sunblind Highway"

Harold's show in Vancouver last Saturday night has been getting resoundingly enthusiastic reactions. It was given an unexpected twist when passport problems prevented Jane Maru from participating as planned. In her place, local singer/performer Veda Hille stepped in on a moment's notice and gave the Aurora Teardrops poems her own (essentially spontaneous, since she had barely a day with them) interpretation.

While all this last minute excitement was happening, I was pushing to get copies of the sampler Sunblind Highway sewn up. Harold signed the (still unbound) Publisher's copies just before sound check on Saturday (which is when he also met Veda for the first time).

The Author's copies (numbers 21-100 from the edition of 100, sewn in a wrap of green Guarro mouldmade paper) were offered for sale during the show at the special price of just $40. The 20 Publisher's copies will be distributed through HM's usual booksellers.

The Publisher's copies are printed on Arches wove, and sewn into a handmade paste paper wrap. These copies also feature a semi-transparent usu kichi jacket on which the title has been printed and registered to exactly overlay the title on the underlying wrap.

The Publisher's copies also feature a special extra print of Harold's frontis arabesque drawing, also printed on semi-transparent Japanese paper. The image is repeated in reverse on the recto of the sheet, using the same off-set technique that William Everson used for the prints in his monumental Granite/Cypress publication. Like the jacket, this extra print is sewn into the book to exactly overlay the frontis.

So, now the world has an inexpensive introduction to Harold's beautiful not-quite poetry (his phrase), and HM moves on to the real work of producing Aurora Teardrops. I'll post info on where/how remaining copies of Sunblind Highway can be purchased.


Harold's recent gigs has sparked awareness of, & interest in his poetry. As a result we've decided to add a second issue to Aurora Teardops:

The deluxe edition will feature an original painted frontis (i.e. unique to each copy) by Jane Maru, and a number of prints interleaved through the text. This edition, limited to 26 lettered copies, will be custom bound by Claudia Cohen.

A limited edition of 50 numbered copies, with just two of Jane's prints, will also be issued, bound at HM in paper over boards.