Sunblind Starts

Starting the year off by making amends for the horrorshow that has been HM's Web site for the past few years. Long overdue for tearing down & reconstructing. Got a simple replacement in place over the holidays. Much of the verbiage has been scrubbed, & the images are of a more consistent quality. Probably a few bugs still lurking, but they'll be run down over the next week.

With that done, we sink our teeth in Harold Budd's mini-retrospective chapbook, Sunblind Highway: 16 pages, 6 x 10 inches, sewn into a printed paper wrap. Spent today tearing down paper. The edition will be 100 copies, 20 Publisher's copies on Arches Wove (the small paper stack in the middle of the image above) and 80 on Somerset Book (larger stack at right), all printed damp. I'll print 125 pieces to ensure I have 100 I like. The blotters for damping are clean & ready to go. Nothing else to do. May as well get started. Stop talking about it. Just get it done.

Brief yet insightful Q&A with Harold over at The Kitchen's blog


Deluxe copies of XI LXIVmos started going out to our booksellers last week...