Putting Things Together

Those are three of the 34 full-page watercolors Jane Maru created as frontispieces for the Deluxe copies of Aurora Teardrops. Have started collating copies. The Deluxe binding structure has been tested & finalized; things are happening. Below is a simulacrum of the spread with Harold's score for "It's Steeper Near the Roses" opposite the first poems in the collection, showing how Jane's prints on semi-transparent vellum will overlay the text.


Ta-done (bronzed)

An off-schedule update: With the names in bronze, it is done.


Too Tired to Think of a Clever Title

So this is the next week foretold in last week's post, and we are indeed printing the very last sheet for Aurora Teardrops. It includes the first page of David Sylvian's introduction, and the title page. Tomorrow we'll print the second color on the title page & that'll be that. Wuhoo.

I think all of the discounted pre-publication copies available through Books Tell You Why have been reserved, but copies of both editions (at issue price) can still be reserved. 


Aurora Teardrops Pre-Orders

The first Aurora Teardrops newsletter, with details for reserving copies, went out last week. A couple of the copies offered at a discounted prepublication price remain: contact books@bookstellyouwhy.com for information. If you would like a copy of the newsletter, send an email to us (HM [at] heavenlymonkey.com) with Aurora Teardrops in the subject line.

Production proceeds. Printing will be completed - dei gratia - by the end of next week. 


Steamrolling Ahead

Been printing the preliminary pages for Aurora Teardrops - David Sylvian's introduction, and the short introductions Harold & Jane wrote for each other. That's a detail of "About Jane," above, showing the Cancelleresca Bastarda type used for the book.

Each copy of Aurora Teardrops will include double-page reproductions of Jane's batik paintings, printed on drafting vellum, nested between text pages. Being semi-transparent, these prints both interrupt and overlay Harold’s poems, creating an interaction between the two artists similar to their live musical performances of the Aurora Teardrops poems.

Here's a shot of the press in action last week. The sheet shown includes the page with the score for "It's Steeper Near The Roses."


Peter Braune and his New Leaf Editions gang were making big prints again over the Canada Day weekend, and they had a bigger press (i.e. steamroller) than last time. They also had more artists involved this year.