Griffo Starts

Finally getting into printing Fancesco Griffo da Bologna - Fragments & Glimpses. Had to attend to a few other small projects (I'll share them later in the year) before switching the press over.

Most of the copies will be printed on Arches wove (enough for 5 of the 14 sections [112 pages] shown at left); a few will be printed on a 1950s English laid sheet (right), and put into an Aldine-style leather binding by Natasha Herman.

A shot of the studio, reflected in the tympan's mylar base. The parallel black lines are where the roller bearers stand, so all the packing on back and front must be within these lines (or the bearers will leave impression marks on the paper). I recover the tympan and frisket before starting a new project. It's a messy job. I've had trouble finding appropriate material (paper) in the necessary size in recent years. I've been using Strathmore drawing paper, from a roll, but it does not dampen and relax easily. There is always the fear of it drying with a wrinkle, which means starting all over. I got lucky this time.

The Griffo printer's dummy and proof copy, below. Apologies to anyone who's been waiting for this late post. I probably won't be putting much up before the fall, just a few pictures of whatever catches my attention. Griffo will be a full-time affair, plus everything else in life. I'll have images of Will Rueter's Books Are My Utopia in the next month or two, and a small (edition) publication in the summer. News as & when. Also, the Etc page on the HM site has some non-HM books culled from the shelves for sale.