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[Warning: this post assembled during day 5 of a wild summer not-covid-but-crazy-flu trip. Treat all claims accordingly...]

This month’s post features some ephemeral drawings by Briony Morrow-Cribbs, never published before & probably never to be seen again. They adorned the box that delivered 20 sets of first-state proofs (i.e. etchings) of her eight prints for The Dunwich Horror. She also sent a set of the prints after aquatinting. These first-state proofs, which will be included with the 20 boxed copies, will offer an engaging opportunity to see the tonal and depth qualities that aquatint adds to an etched plate. The image above is a detail from one. Right this minute Briony’s working on the etching that will be printed on the sheets for the quarter binding, and she reports that it is so sexy. The last I heard, her plan was for it to be a tangle of thorns, but if anyone could make that sexy it’s BMC. 

My brain fever was preceded by one of my frequent bouts of feeling overly encumbered with stuff, and I decided to clear out any books I haven’t looked at in over a year, especially big ones - they take up so much real estate. (To be clear, I’m talking about things I’ve “collected” over the years, not HM books.) Some have gone to a local bookseller interested in book arts, design & etc. The more obscure titles have been wrangled into a list, which can be seen here. Tell any & all friends who might be interested - highly motivated seller. This is the link to the list.

(p.s. to kind people who want to send me books or etc., thank you but please don’t! I’m entirely focused on losing the psychic and actual weight of possessions. I want to get my books down to a single small shelf, and my wardrobe to a single narrow rack.)

With luck and industry, I may have a complete, bound copy of Dunwich to show for the August blog.