In a Time of Plague, Visit Innsmouth

Random bits of studio news...

Book score! More than a year ago I asked if anyone out there had a copy of Peter Burnhill's Type Spaces that needed a new home, with no joy. A couple of times I thought a copy might have appeared on Abe, but each time I was suspicious, and sure enough the listings were just blood-sucking drop shippers. When a copy appeared in March I didn't get too excited, but Half Moon Books, in New York, proved to be decent & honest. I've never paid so much for a (slightly) dog-eared paperback (their price was very fair, and well below the ridiculous numbers the drop shippers post), and I'm very pleased to have it. It's interesting that such a specific book became so hard to find within a decade of publication - UBC keeps its copy in special collections! The publisher, Hyphen Press, made a free PDF version of the book available, but I wanted the printed thing. It's a book that requires close and repeated reading.  

Speaking of Aldus, printing Griffo grinds along. I was supposed to be stuck in the studio all spring with it anyway so I didn't expect lockdown to affect progress, but it has had an energy-sapping effect. If that's the worst thing I can complain about, I'm doing pretty well. A page with details for this project has been added to the HM site. Issue prices, and the final details for different states, will be posted later in the summer. 

A few other new pages have been added to the Books section of the HM site. Copies of Will Rueter's Books Are My Utopia are being shipped out this month. While getting those out of her studio, Claudia is simultaneously binding a special Lovecraft project for HM, something that ties up a few loose ends that have been hanging around the studio. 

HM's usual booksellers are all in limbo until the economy gets back to something like normal, so these books will be available for purchase directly from HM (with a 10% discount to the issue price for orders received in May, 2020).

Be well, stay 2 meters apart, support your favorite booksellers.