Folded Like a Piece of Paper

HM isn't at Codex this year, but an almost-complete test binding of the new book from Barbara Hodgson & Claudia Cohen is; drop by Vamp & Tramp's table at the fair to see Folding Paper: Technique, Design, Obsession.

Check out HM's facebook page for a short video.

The book is the latest in their ongoing exploration of art forms related to paper. Similar to Cutting Paper in format and approach, the new book explores the art of folded paper, and presents a collection of samples on the pages and laid into the accompanying box. Brief essays discuss folding techniques, the process of creating illustrated pieces, and paper choices. Interspersed will be over 150 tipped-in examples from pleating, education, computational geometry, toy making, origami and packaging (some examples will be presented shown in progress, as well as finished pieces, in a variety of papers).

The book's prospectus alone is a work of art & engineering, and an example of the obsessive attention to detail throughout the book. Inside a "self-folding" wrap (some of which are made with waste sheets from old HM projects)...

...is a folded, printed sheet bearing the book's title...

...which opens, following an intricate series of folds, to reveal the book's production details...

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the piece - which illustrates part of the craft & ingenuity required for the art form - is how easily the sheet & wrap want to resume their folded state. A few dozen copies have been prepared, for customers & friends of the studio (i.e. if you ask for one, we probably won't have any left).

Folding Paper (9.5 x 12.5 in., 80 pp.) was designed and set in Monotype Fournier by Barbara. It has been printed on 200 g Arches Wove by David Clifford at Black Stone Press. (For technical reasons, the title page - which will itself be a piece of folded art - was printed at HM on the handpress.) Copies will be uniformly bound by Claudia, with an accompanying two-piece box. The box that will also contain about 15 three-dimensional pieces (shown above) and a separate Zhen Xian Bao (a magical Chinese thread box). All of the pieces will be created specifically for the book. The edition will be 30 numbered copies, signed by both contributors, plus six A.P. copies.

As with all HM publications, copies are available only through our regular booksellers (listed at right). If you would like more details, or want to reserve a copy, please contact one of them. Publication is planned for summer 2017.