Buy Now

Our friends at Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers in Seattle are having a (rare) 30% off sale, starting tomorrow (Tuesday 29 May) and running until June 12. The sale is for items listed on their site only; the code Sale2012 gets you the discount when completing a transaction. For more than two decades this shop has been perhaps the best source for contemporary fine press and artists' books in the Pacific Northwest. Numerous shows featuring different aspects of the book arts have been presented in the shop's charming space as well. Check it out, get to know them.


Exhausten Austen

Jarrett Morrison over at the Bowler Press has launched a campaign to fund his next project, an edition of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, issued as a three decker (just like the original) and illustrated with his wood engravings. The entire thing will be set by hand, and probably take the rest of his life. (Actually he intends to issue the first volume in 2013, with about a year between each of the next volumes.) He's even posted a well-made pitch film about the project at IndieGoGo (it's like Kickstarter). He needs $20,000 to lay in materials for the entire project, and is offering a variety of incentives for contributors. If an authentic devotion to 19th century aesthetics and literature is your thing, have a look & think about helping Jarrett make it happen. 


Look Up, Way Up...

Twenty-three is the steel letter aniversary. Some cool old letters now adorn the archway leading to HM Central. A foot tall, made of sheet metal, & heavy. Designed to fall on the noggin of anyone outside the clan who comes by without calling ahead.

What news....Oliver Clark, over at Collinge & Clark, recently issued a newsletter featuring some kind words about Types/Paper/Print. He also welcomed the first copy of Jim Westergard's Oddballs to cross the Atlantic (at least, as far as we know). Be interesting to hear what they think of Jim's unique sense of humor over there...

Saw the deluxe issue of the catalogue for Charles van Sandwyk's recent exhibition of books held at the University of British Columbia's Rare Books Library. Designed & produced by CVS very much in the style of his own trade publications, it features an original, signed etching sewn in, issued in an edition of 100 copies. These are $300, available from the library or (probably more easily) this shop. There also is a trade edition of the catalogue (different jacket, no etching)...


Third Press is No. 5

While out looking for an anniversary present, & distracted by the sign for a flea market, look what was found poking out from below the table of an absent seller:

Luckily the guy at the next table had a phone number, and a price was quickly agreed upon for this lovely quarto-sized "paper press" (as he called it). And just last week things were backing up in the studio for want of a third press like this. It's important to recognize & acknowledge when good luck comes along. So, that guy hobbling along Terminal Drive, trying not to drop a ton of iron on his toes, was HM, hauling the thing back to the car.

So #5 (as it is apparently named) has been scrubbed clean & will now help case up the last few copies of Types/Paper/Print. Which, by he way, is now out of print (and only one copy that we know of went to a Lovecraft fan!).