Third Press is No. 5

While out looking for an anniversary present, & distracted by the sign for a flea market, look what was found poking out from below the table of an absent seller:

Luckily the guy at the next table had a phone number, and a price was quickly agreed upon for this lovely quarto-sized "paper press" (as he called it). And just last week things were backing up in the studio for want of a third press like this. It's important to recognize & acknowledge when good luck comes along. So, that guy hobbling along Terminal Drive, trying not to drop a ton of iron on his toes, was HM, hauling the thing back to the car.

So #5 (as it is apparently named) has been scrubbed clean & will now help case up the last few copies of Types/Paper/Print. Which, by he way, is now out of print (and only one copy that we know of went to a Lovecraft fan!).