Presents for the Printer (Pt. 3)

Last post on this topic for a while. Found under the tree last Xmas morning: the two-volume large-paper set of The Annals of Scottish Printing (1890). I can spend hours with books like this. Vol. 1 is largely based on the original work of Robert Dickson, prepared for publication here by John Philip Edmond, who completed the project and wrote the chapters in Vol. 2.  

Vol. 1 has numerous facsimile reproductions from blocks made for Dickson; unfortunately Edmond didn't have the energy or means to repeat this in his volume, which contains very few illustrations. 

I'm generally not a fan of buckram, but this set is attractively bound in a tan variety, sewn on cords and laced-on boards. Haven't found a watermark yet, but the printing is typical for the better types of these books from the time. 

One of the problems for printers publishing a book about printing is, they're printing had better be more than adequate. Also under the tree was Early Nottingham Printers & Printing, printed for private circulation by Thomas Forman & Sons in 1942. A loose sheet laid in at the front shows a family tree for this firm going back to 1710. 

The text is printed, indifferently and inconsistently, on Arnold Unbleached paper, a mouldmade wove sheet. The facsimiles, however, are well printed. The type bears some resemblance to Cochin, and might look attractive if better printed. The italic is fun. Despite my production complaints, this also is exactly the kind of book I can get lost in. Thanks Santa.