Awesome: The Whys & Hows of HM

The online magazine Vancouver Is Awesome (an aspirational name) recently posted an interview with HM publisher Rollin Milroy. It's a very, very long interview, complete with his trademark run-on sentences. It also gives about as accurate a picture of the studio's Why and How as is ever likely to appear, for which the author, Liisa Hannus, must be thanked. Milroy's usual no-interview policy was waived due to Hannus's genuine enthusiasm for all things print, and the legwork she'd put into research before getting in touch.

“Some people focus on the price of these things and the cost and wonder ‘How can books cost that much?’ Well, if you don’t understand the process, the price makes no sense to you. But if you do understand the process, and therefore are interested in the process, the price makes sense to you. Now, whether you’re prepared to pay that price for that book is totally up to you and your taste, which is the rest of the fun."