June's Paste Papers #2: HM's First Triple Decker

The deluxe copies of Types/Paper/Print were issued over the past week. Each copy presents the entire book repeated three times on different papers: the Guarro laid used for the entire edition, plus Arches Wove (our go-to mouldmade) and Reg Lissel's HM Text (our go-to handmade). The idea was to let people compare how a type face looks, at a given size, on different papers. As William Everson said (and as HM quoted him in Elements in Correlation), "Critics of the book generally focus on the type and when people get into printing, the first thing they get into is type...But the paper is more fundamental, that is where the beauty begins, and in the end, that is all that beauty can come back to - the substance of the paper, the field on which the whole thing can act."
Claudia Cohen bound the deluxe copies with leather spines and fore-edges, and her own paste papers. She leftover sheets originally created for other projects, so there are at least a half dozen variants among the 10 deluxe copies (plus two AP, hers and mine). Below are six of the copies. The green paper was originally created for Gehenna Press's Zapf Civilite Disclosed (1995).

Should also note that Shinsuke's frontis engraving is signed & dated in the deluxe copies. 

We always enjoy having fun with the spine, especially the tail. This is what she came up with: perfect for a type sampler.

Most of the deluxe copies went to our regular booksellers, so if you're interested, contact one of them.