The Royals, Colville & Slow Synthesizers

Plans to do a book marking the birth of the new prince fell through. The family was totally cool, but the agents messed things up. So we're getting to work with the long-promised showing of metal types held at HM. Spent the past few days cleaning up the mess left from Paper.... and also sewing up one set of sheets to be kept in the studio for future reference.

Alex Colville died, alas. Heard some egghead talking about him on public radio last night: eggy mentioned how Colville used "arcane mathematical algorithms, like the Golden Section" to compose his paintings. Who knew anyone who designs anything was an arcane mathematician? 

Someone who wanted us to print something for them suggested we get a Vandercook, to speed up production. We asked why they even wanted to work with HM, since they so clearly didn't understand the fundamental role the handpress plays in what we do. They shrugged. We drive a truck & they want us to play a synthesizer....