The Story of 11 Small Books

The regular copies of XI LXIVmos will be shipping soon. Deluxe copies showed up here a few weeks ago but I was swamped by Sunblind Highway, and waited till it was done to see how Sarah Creighton's deluxe bindings turned out. Not a surprise that she did a beautiful, meticulous job on the bindings.

The book's 14 signatures were elegantly rounded & backed, and put into a German case binding with the thinnest possible boards. Each copy contains five samples taken from four of the Bromers' books: a complete (4-pg) copy of Henry Morris' prospectus for his V-109 (1978), trimmed at the margins to fit; a page from The Remarkable Story of Chicken Little (1979); two pages from Edward Gorey's Eclectic Abecedarium (1982); and a page from the maybe/probably not Shakespeare Shall I Die? Shall I Fly (1986).

All of the pages are hinged to semi-transparent Japanese paper, as they were too small to simply be bound in, and I didn't want the blank versos that would result from attaching them to a sheet of the text paper. With the Japanese paper, the spreads are not interrupted.

In addition to the sample pages, these deluxe copies all feature original calligraphy by Francesca Lohmann, Claudia Cohen's studio assistant. I knew of her work as an artist and printmaker, but became aware of her calligraphy only just before starting XI LXIVmos. As a result, we will be collaborating on an entire ABC book of her original calligraphy over the next year, to be bound by Claudia. Details to follow...

Sarah's boxes for the deluxe copies is covered in an elegant contrasting red cloth, lined with a dark gray buckram. All in all, a good project to get HM up & running again, with fun people involved, most of all Anne Bromer.

All of HM's copies of XI LXIVmos - deluxe and regular - are gone. The Bromers may still have a deluxe, and definitely have some of the regulars.