Aurora Teardrops A Thru Z

Today I picked up what I'm calling the limitation page for the deluxe copies of Aurora Teardrops, from calligrapher Martin Jackson. (This page appears at the front of the book, stating the edition size & the copy's letter within the edition, above the signatures of Harold Budd, Jane Maru & David Sylvian. There also is a colophon, at the back of the book, with the usual details about printing, materials, etc.) Martin is THE calligrapher in western Canada, has been for ages. He previously helped HM on the deluxe copies of Good & Evil in the Garden (he did the titles on the spines of the 10 vellum-bound deluxe copies), and also on Charles van Sandwyk's The Mouse & The Lizard (titles and initial letters). The scope and depth of his talent are incredible, plus he's a prince of a guy. Having him edition the deluxe copies of Aurora Teardrops is just the finishing touch they needed.