Closing Up The WunderCabinet

We're getting close to The WunderCabinet's release, in just under a month now. Barbara and Claudia will be meeting in a few weeks to assemble all the various bits & pieces that go into each box (and Barbara will write out a detailed inventory of each box, for inclusion). The book will make its debut at the Codex Book Fair in Berkeley. HM has done the previous two fairs but we couldn't spare the time this year, so our friends at Vamp & Tramp Booksellers (who will be exhibiting) have kindly offered to display the book for us. It will be a rare opportunity to see the book in the wild, as the entire edition is subscribed, and our booksellers seem to already have customers lined up for their copies.

In addition to exhibiting one of the "regular" copies (i.e. 1/20), Vamp & Tramp will have on hand one of the miniature versions. Alas, this little copy will not be bound by Claudia but rather by HM. Nonetheless, it should be sufficient for people to flip through and get an idea of what the big book is like. The ten signatures were sewn on two vellum slips, the spine pasted, and then the book was put into a case made from a piece of Reg Lissel's abaca vellum paper (from batch that had been loaded with pigment to dye it black). Barbara is going to create a spine label. The frontis, which is an etching in the real book, is reproduced digitally here, but printed on Reg's paper; everything else in the book is legit (i.e. letterpress and hand embellishments, just like the real thing).