Baskin Would Be Proud

Sarah Horowitz's Wiesedruck has just issued a broadside featuring a relief etching, an uncommon (and challenging) technique also known as anastatic printing. Relief etching was originally conceived by William Blake (whose poem "Sun-flower" is printed, by Keegan Meegan & Co, in Sarah's broadside). It was also written about by E. A. Poe in an article featured in the April 12, 1845 issue of Broadway Journal. The article has been frequently reprinted, perhaps most famously in a small edition from Leonard Baskin's Gehenna Press (1972, 60 copies), featuring a (pretty blurry; see below) two-color portrait of Poe printed anastically anastatically. Baskin would have been impressed with the beauty and skill in Sarah's print. The print, and Sarah's lovely books, can be found among the exhibitors at Codex this week.