What's It Called When You Keep Buying Things You Don't Need, and Don't Have Space For?

Found another book press. Actually a copy press, but with an opening big enough for use in damping & drying paper. Beautiful thing, and the most skookum press we've acquired. Much too nice to leave in the jumble shop where it was found, in danger of being purchased by interior decorators or movie prop suppliers. So home it came.

It's slightly bigger than the two currently being used for paper damping (see images & notes here), with a platen that measures 14 x 21 inches. The makers label is worn away, but much of the original paint detailing remains.

While the original plan was to find a suitable home for the press, we quickly decided to keep the new one & re-home one of the other two (the one on the right, below; the platens on those two measure 13 x 18 inches), and this one kept.