Dampening Handmade Paper! Above the Fold

Recently received the latest issue of the Ottawa Press Gang's Letterpress Gazette, courtesy of Richard Coxford at the Bytown Bookshop. The Gazette is "a collaborative effort of the Ottawa Press Gang published for its members...published quarterly, using hand-set lead type printed on a manual printing press." Number 11 (July, 2012) was set & printed at OPG member Weathervane Press. Fantastic, and a steal at $10. Articles on design and layout, Clifford Burke's method for printing damp, and an editorial on printing (i.e. text) as art by Hugh Walter Barclay (Thee Hellbox Press). Our only grumble is that, after safely transporting it across the country, Canada Post mangled the broadsheet stuffing it into the mailbox. The OPG has been active for a number of years, and seems to be an enviable community of like-minded and supportive individuals. 

Our posts have become sluggish, but only because we're deep into the details of our next book. Details remain pending...