As Close to Holy as HM Will Ever Get

Things are on the move around here so this'll be a quick post. The 15 deluxe copies of Metal Type were delivered to everyone over the past week. Here's how HM works with Claudia on these kinds of projects (and it's pretty much how HM works with any collaborators): I voice a few general thoughts and preferences around materials, structure, overall aesthetic and budget. She asks questions, plays with a dummy, then tells me what she's going to do. What's the point of working with someone whose work and skill you admire - a binder, an artist, a calligrapher, whomever - only to then limit their ability to do contribute to the project? I want to work with people like Claudia because they/she have skills & talents that exceed my own in their area. It makes projects much more engaging for your collaborators if you stay out of their way.

So, this is what Claudia came up with for the deluxe copies. It's a three-piece structure that opens easily and completely flat. The sections are long-stitched onto a stiff handmade paper support (almost like a chemise), around which the vellum binding is then constructed. The vellum used for these copies are offcuts from Claudia's work on the Moser Bible (which she worked on with Sarah Creighton: 400 two-volume folio sets plus 30 five-volume sets, all in limp vellum. No wonder there were a couple of pieces left over.

The cover, front & back, is tooled by hand around a stamped arrangement of the alphabet in 18-pt Centaur. The same arrangement is repeated, also in gold, on the pastedowns.

In addition to the two extra sections (16 pp.) of specimens, there are a couple of amusements included at the back of the book, after the colophon. DVD extras & commentaries.

The books are presented in a clamshell box lined with Dana Cromie's patterned paper. 


Last week's post about Wil Hudson caught the attention of the current studio manager/printer at Kinngait, William Ritchie, who knows more about Wil's work in Cape Dorset. We hope to post some of that story soon, as a guest contribution by Mr Ritchie.

Darla has just issued a special edition of Harold Budd's compositions Jane 1-11, accompanied by a DVD with the original short films by Jane Maru for which each piece was composed. This coming Friday 14 February, The Guardian will be running a profile of Harold.


Other than when it must be moved, has a printer ever said, "I wish my press was a bit smaller"?