New Works from Shinsuke Minegishi

Longtime HM friend & collaborator Shinsuke Minegishi has a solo show of new works opening in Tokyo next week, for any of you who will be in the area. His work continues to explore themes of clash and isolation through combinations of printmaking techniques in large formats. The piece below, title "fragility-technology" (2013, edition of 3) is a typical example, combining silkscreen, woodcut and linocut. The juxtaposed images of cooling towers is brilliant.

The show's opening will include a poetry reading by Shin's mother, Ryoko Minegishi. She has had several collections of her poetry published in Japan, all featuring one of more of Shin's original wood engravings. Their collaborations (look under "Book Works" on Shin's site) go back to the first samples of his work I ever saw - the ones that made me want to work with him - the suite "My God," completed while Shin was still a student at Emily Carr (where he's now an instructor), featuring her poem in the original Japanese and English translation. (Alas, the text was printed by silkscreen, but that's why he & I needed to meet up & start working together.)

The new show, titled "Resurrection," is being held at the Striped House Gallery, which is a very kool looking place.