Treat Yourself to a Handpress

I have sort-of & semi-reluctantly decided to try finding the HM handpress a new home, so that I can get a slightly smaller one. I worry that this is like a ballplayer abandoning a proven & reliable glove, with all the potential for ensuing bad luck. But the current move & redesign of the studio makes the timing right.

The HM press is an Ostrander-Seymour extra heavy. The bed measures about 20 x 26 inches. Far as we know, those are the original colors. The tympan is original, the frisket was made for me.

It's a fantastic press that has printed over three dozen books for HM. The size is great for printing folios or broadsides, or printing octavos four-up. I feel disloyal offering it up, but I also like to keep life as light as possible. The O-S weighs about 2,000 lbs, with the frame making up about half of that. The buyer will have to arrange for shipping if required.

I also have a small, restored bookpress that needs a home. I rescued it from a junk shop last year. The collar that attached the screw to the platen was broken, so I had a new one made. The platen's about 10 x 8 inches. A useful nipping press.

Last & least, I'm finally getting rid of a tiny Adana 3 x 5 that I've never used. Rollers are new, everything's in great shape. Why would I use a little thing like this when I have an Ostrander-Seymour? But if you want them both, I'll throw the Adana in free. Send a note to the address in the profile at right if you want more info or images.