One Last Spin with the Kelsey

Remember that blog about the tiny sheets of suminagashi marbled paper (yes, that's redundant, but just for those not in the know) that Barbara was making a while ago? The text pages for the miniature books of those specimens got printed last weekend, and it was noteworthy not only for being the only HM book that will be printed while we are on the lam, it is also the last book that will be printed on HM's first press.

This Kelsey Excelsior actually predates HM. It was used to print the three A Lone Press publications, including Fragments & Glimpses. Under HM is was used to print Ars Anatomica, Jim Rimmer's Duensing specimen miniature, and a few other things. But for more than five years now it's been tucked in a corner, so with the move to a new space, I decided to find it a home where it will be used. It's going to a young graphic designer keen to learn about letterpress. I'm not very keen on miniatures anymore. They're OK for something like Suminagashi, when the content suits the small size, but otherwise eh. If HM publishes any more, I'll print them on the Albion, like I did for the last miniature we issued.

The pages for Suminagashi were printed on J. Whatman handmade paper, a mixture of wove and laid. The edition will be just 12 copies, as that's all Barbara had enough samples to make up. It'll be issued before the end of the year.

Here's a shot of my own attempt at marbling, a.k.a. ink smeared on the counter top & photographed when the phone was absent-mindedly put down. Looks like the cover to a Cocteau Twins album. Beautiful.


The promised blog with technical details about printing with steamrollers is still happening. Just couldn't get all the details in time for this week...