A Nash Stash & More

Some kool stuff from the past week...

Found a John Henry Nash stash, loads of ephemera and Christmas greetings. A couple of high points: an extract from Aeropagitica and a notice for an exhibition "rare old volumes."

A case worth's of beautiful, shiny new 24-pt Deepdene from the great team at LA Type & Rule. It's going to be used for an elaborate new publication with/by Harold Budd & friends; details to follow. For now I'll just say, think sound & vision.

A history of the Seton Village Press published in 1990 by the Press of the Palace of The Governor's at the Museum of New Mexico. That imprint issued a number of interesting and innovative books; I'll write about them another time. Bulletin in Bold Characters is an attractive book, and I don't know anything about the Seton Village Press, so it'll be an interesting read.

Finally, an exquisite etching by Charles Frederick Kimball titled "Old Houses at Stroudwater." It's signed and dated ([18]80) in the plate, and was originally published as an open edition included in the American Art Review 1881. While the actual image is too pastoral for my taste, the lines, the ink and the paper (a very light gampi) combine to suggest (at least to the suggestible) impending malevolence, which is to my taste. And all for $5!

p.s. Bob: the book's on the way.