Oops It Happened Again

Two of my favorite colophons, printed by the same hands (but more to the point, proofread by the same eyes?). Baskin got away with it, not sure HM could.

The Poe book is an oddity. It was printed in in 1972, bound the following year, and not issued until 1975. Maybe the typo wasn't discovered until things were being collated for binding. This copy is inscribed by LB to the binder - "your bindings inspire me to make great books" - but the binding is actually a pretty dull affair, simple cloth over boards, with the title stamped oddly high and to the left on the front board. And the slipcase it too tight. And LB's anastatic print tipped on to the title page is not a showpiece for the relief-etching technique. But still, kool colophon. It inspired the colophon for HM's book Metal Types.