Tearing Paper for Teardrops

(Sometimes Mondays are Tuesdays...)

Spent the weekend counting, tearing & recounting paper for Harold Budd's Aurora Teardrops. Without this being the plan, it turns out that both papers for the project (deluxe & regular versions) came from the studio of painter Takao Tanabe, purchased by him in the late 1950s during his brief tenure as a job printer. These papers were too nice for commercial work, so they sat in his studio for four decades and then migrated to HM, thanks to Tak's generosity.

The deluxe copies will be printed on sheets of T.H. Saunders mouldmade laid (alas, no watermark). The regular copies will be printed on Golden Hind, the paper detailed in this post from last year. Both sheets will be dampened for printing (because after all, what's the point of printing with a handpress if you don't dampen your paper?).

The book (7.5 x 10 inches, approximately 60 pages) will be printed in folios. Details from Jane's paintings - also folios - will be reproduced on semi-transparent drafting vellum, nested in the text sections. (Smaller test proofs are shown in the pamphlet above.) The book will also include eight new arabesque drawings by Harold, interspersed through the text. The deluxe copies will be bound by Claudia (details TBD), the regular ones cased at HM.

I'll be setting up a project page on the HM site to chronicle progress over the next few months, and provide more details as they as finalized.


The first copies of Barbara Hodgson's Mrs Delany Meets Herr Haeckel are being sent out from Claudia's bindery. Below is a surreptitious shot of the binding, which includes onlays and extensive tooling. More detailed images will follow. The edition is fully subscribed: if interested please contact the booksellers listed on this page to inquire about availability.