Spring Cleaning

We're culling books from our personal collections around here. Making space. Here's my copy of the Allen Press bibliography, which I got in sheets, added extra samples to (i.e. a graingerized* copy), and had bound in full morocco by Hélène Francoeur.

Beautiful, but it actually is one of three copies I own, so it's been set free. One of the samples included is a Picasso litho from Four Poems of the Occult. Write if you're interested.

* "Graingerised or extra-illustrated books, as they are now more commonly called, are copies which have had added to them, either by a private owner or professionally, engraved portraits, prints, etc., usually cut out of other books..." (ABC For Book Collectors, John Carter) Note that the material added to the above Allen Press book was NOT cut out of any other books; check Carter for "Breaking-Up").