the the Officina Bodoni De Aetna

Been a while since I've added to the Handpress Library posts, so here's a brief one: Pietro Bembo's De Aetna, the edition published by Officina Bodoni in 1969. It includes an appended essay by Mardersteig about the famous roman type developed for Aldus Manutius' edition of the work in 1596.

The book was published in English, Italian and German editions, each in an edition of 125 press-numbered (natch) copies. The bindings - as usual with O.B. books - are understated examples of the craft: quarter leather, sewn endbands (see the tie-down in the gutter?), TEG.

Koolest of all, proof of Mardersteig's human fallibility: a repeated word on page 99, the second gently abrogated in pencil (by the publisher?). Probably unique to the English edition!

I first heard of (but could not lay my hands on) this book in the late '90s while working on the Francesco Griffo biography. After almost 20 years of looking, a copy finally came my way. Could be useful for our pondered second, expanded edition of Fragments & Glimpses...