Aurora Teardrops (the poem)

Once you're into the printing of a book, most of the fun work is done & you're just into the grind. For Aurora Teardrops, it's two days on (printing off a sheet, a day per side), one off (doing all the things that don't get done while printing). By chance, last weekend's sheet included the title poem, on a page that happens to have one of Harold's arabesques. That's the Regular at left (Golden Hind laid paper) and the Deluxe at right (TH Saunders wove).

(This is the second time I've printed that poem. It's was first published in the Sunblind Highway collection from earlier this year. So for all of you completists, track one down at Books Tell You Why).

For everyone who has subscribed to the project newsletters, the first one should be going within the next week. Thanks for all the expressions of interest & enthusiasm. HM