It's Steeper Near The Roses

Last week we proofed a large version of Harold's manuscript score for "It's Steeper Near the Roses." A slightly smaller version will appear in Aurora Teardrops. The piece (from his album Avalon Sutra) was dedicated to David Sylvian, which is why we chose it to include in the book. (Also, the first poem, opposite which the score will appear, begins with the lines "I could compose a love poem / (if I were in love - I may be close) / Were it sung by David Sylvian / it would enter Paradise...") Just a handful of the larger versions of the score were proofed, for sharing among the collaborators.

As previously posted, the eight arabesque drawings by Harold that appear throughout the book have all be printed, and we're into the text now: 16 sheets two-up (two pages on each side of a sheet, folded to make a total of four book pages). All of the text has been set, so we pulled one complete proof of the book just to check everything one last time. It's not meant to be lovely, so don't look to close.

See the previous post (below) if you are interested in receiving updates on Aurora Teardrop's progress and publication details. We expect to be issuing copies starting in September.