Gone Fishing

I have not absconded: I'm on vacation this week (not saying where), and had been scrambling with post-printing details for Aurora Teardrops the previous two weeks. One scramble was finalizing the files and materials for the reproductions of Jane's paintings. That got done, and the 600+ prints needed for the editions will be completed when I get back next week. The details of the structure for the Deluxe binding are set (most of the experimenting had to do with how to attach the Plexiglass boards to the spine, and then how to secure the textblock in the case since there can't be traditional pastedowns). Both editions have been collated (the sheets folded & assembled into copies, ready for sewing); I just have to insert the prints. It all got done. I've narrowed down the cover paper options for the Collector's copies, but must now pick one. All in all, we remain on schedule to begin shipping copies in September. For now, leave me alone.