Jane Maru's Prints

Back in the saddle: came home to 600+ Jane Maru prints for Aurora Teardrops. Above is the first complete (i.e. with the prints) copy of the book. We'll do a test binding over the next couple of days to confirm all the final measurements, then into production. Ditto for the Collector's edition (I'm still fussing over the cover paper for that issue; couple of ideas being kicked around). I have promised a second Newsletter, focusing on the binding, and hope to have something ready by this time next week.

The prints are all larger than final size, and I plan on trimming each one differently, so they'll differ slightly (around the edges) from copy to copy. The vellum paper that the prints are on is impossible to trim cleanly (without snags) on a guillotine, so each one has to be done individually, with a blade. I hope I'm not underestimating how much time that'll add to things.

An update regarding availability of copies: most of the 26 deluxe copies are now committed to people who pre-ordered through Books Tell You Why, or to HM's other regular booksellers (who will be happy to sell one to you; if you're having trouble finding with a bookseller who can provide one, send HM a note and we'll connect you).

I'll post any interesting progress photos this week on HM's facebook page.


The LA Record ran this interview with Harold in advance on last weekend's show at Whittier College, AND it includes a stream of the first recording that I know about, of music performed at an Aurora Teardrops performance! I think it's a live recording from when he was in Vancouver last January, performing with Veda Hille. She's read the second through fifth poems in the book: Sundown, Solstice, Shadow, & Winds. Kool kool kool...