Presents for the Printer (Pt 1)

Thats Barbara Hodgson’s scratch sheet for the marginalia she added to the five “Dutch” copies of Fragments & Glimpses. With the book issued and some money coming in, I did a little profit taking before years end: a Takach 8-inch 60-dur brayer – schwing! Im going to be using the foolscap Albion press more in the coming year, and the hand roller I use on the Washington is too unweildy for the smaller bed. 

One of the things thats fun about a project like Griffo is you get to buy books for reference, and often theyre books you might not purchase (or even know of) without specific reason. Here are the entries for the edtion of Heroides that provided the leaf included with Fragments & Glimpses. The first is from the 1803 edition of Serie delledizioni Aldine...

...and the second is from the apparently uncommon 1803 Appendice alla
Serie delledizioni Aldine, which is about as all-round perfect a book as I can imagine.

New topic: heres a spread (and the entire text) from Bannfluch Gegen Spinoza (Ernst Ludwig Presse, 1925). Ill have more to share about the press in January...

To close this week, heres a short clip of Harold Budd performing in Seattle with Keith Lowe, an event that coincided with the publication of Harolds first collection of poetry, Colorful Fortune. Although Id worked with him (and Keith) on the project during the previous year, this was the first time I actually met Harold. It was a brilliant evening. They also performed a version of “For As Long As I Can Hold My Breath” that used to be posted, but its disappeared. Adios Harold, muchos gracias por todos.