Distaff Side

The Book Club of California recently sent out an invitation to the Oscar Lewis Awards presentation, an attractive piece of printing designed by Kathleen Burch. Not being familiar with Ms Burch, we looked her up & discovered the Ladies of Letterpress (which includes a brief CV for Kathleen, whose 30+ year career really should not be unknown to HM). The LoL is a site that seems to cover just about any printing-related topic its members care to raise and discuss. It also links to a site for a Ladies of Letterpress Conference, slated for August, with some interesting panel discussions and workshops. Not sure if it's open to printers from the paternal side.

The LoL reminded us of the book The Ladies Printing Bee, organized and issued by Jules Remedios-Faye in 1995 . A very cool collection of signatures contributed by 39 women printers. Good luck finding a copy now. But check out the happenings at the C. C. Stern Type Foundry (of which Jules has been a driving force), which is having an open house on Saturday 26 March.

(Today's heading refers to Bertha S. Goudy, First Lady of Printing. Remembrance of the Distaff Side of the Village Press [The Distaff Side, 1958]).