She's Rocio!

The mystery to our new "Iguanas" print is solved, courtesy of one Preston Briggs: the signature was indeed misread, and the artist's first name is RocÌo. (But that C and I really run together like a U....) That makes our artist the Mexican actress and dancer RocÌo Sagaon. Preston kindly sent a link to a 2004 article in the North Texas e-News, which includes the following biographical notes about Rocio and her husband, George Vinaver:

"RocÌo Sagaon, interacting in the circuit of dance and the cultural milieu of Mexico since a young age, expressed her restlessness in all fields of the visual arts, and later together with her husband Georges Vinaver, entered the realm of ceramics. Her pieces invoke the Pre-Columbian and Oriental tradition. Sagaon works on diverse scales, from tiny pieces to large scale....The late George Vinaver deserves posthumous recognition due to his contributions to the relief genre of ceramics. Vinaver, wife Sagaon, and Gustavo Perez are all founders of the El Tomate workshop opened in 1984 on a large piece of land owned by Vinaver and wife. Early pieces produced at El Tomate for part of Seven Worlds [sic]."

We were able to find just one of her etchings online (available from Gilley's Gallery in Baton Rouge), "Tambien ellos Pasan." These images don't do the pieces justice; her color work is fantastic.