Who is Rouó Sagaon?

Found this etching at a flea market last weekend. Edition of 50, titled "Iguanas," image measures approx. 15 x 20 inches, the colors printed from multiple plates. Stunning. In fact, it's so arresting that we asked the price just to see how much the peddler thought it was worth, expecting to hear some ridiculous price that would allow him to retire. But no! It could be had for the few small bills in our pockets! But since getting it home, all attempts to find any information about the artist - or even mention of him/her - have been fruitless.

The print is signed Rouó Sagoan. It doesn't show well below, but we're sure that third letter is a U.

At the lower right corner of the sheet is a blind stamp for the Sagaon-Vinaver Work-Shop:

Google turns up nothing for either the artist or the workshop. The print does not look terribly old - probably less than 20 years. In this day & age, how many people don't show up, at least tangentially, in a Google search? Any information about this artist would be appreciated; our e-mail is down at the bottom right of this page.