Nice List #2: A New Press

Also found under the Xmas tree this year, an addition to HM's collection of presses. This one probably a toy, made in the late 1800s? Beautifully made: dovetails & hand-carved threads. Suspect the wood is oak.

The chase, which came with several pieces of identical wooden furniture and (only) one of two screws used to lock things in place underneath the platen, slides underneath the platen, which is regulated by a screw. Two hinges are missing from one end of the chase, so perhaps there was some kind of a frisket that folded down?

Presumably the chase is slid to one side for inking, pushed under the platen for inking, and slid to the far side to remove the printed sheet?

Why the frame is so tall is a bit of a mystery; doesn't seem entirely necessary to achieve whatever pressure the wooden frame could withstand. And a drawer in the bottom.

We'll give it a whirl with a linocut & post the results.

Seen at the same place where the press was found, but not purchased because of its outrageous price ($300), some kind of small copy press of Scottish manufacture. The platen is made of wood. It does not lower completely to the bed; about a quarter inch of space remains, perhaps for whatever kind of packing was used when making copies?