Washington Over Albion

An HM colleague was in LA recently, working on her tan & taking meetings. Known to haunt flea markets & rummage sales, she brought back a copy of the West Coast Peddler's November 2012 issue. It includes an article about the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA. The story runs across several pages (filling spaces between ads), and features lots of photos. One is shown above: the museum's Washington press. With a garish paint job that makes our press's bile yellow & bilge green look good. But what caught our eye was the thing sitting under the bed of the press, a little Albion folio.

Recent posts have recorded our adventures at (finally) printing with HM's Pratt-Albion, and explaining the main reason for our procrastination: why one would ever choose to use the Albion when there a much bigger Washington right beside it. This photo illustrates the argument perfectly. No disrespect to the Albion: beautiful press, beautifully made. Printing well is just much easier on the Washington.