Paper Cuts in Mail

Copies of the prospectus for Cutting Paper are going out this week. The folded sheet is printed on the Rives BFK being used in the book, and each copy features a title and initial letter paper cuts, plus an original early 20th-century Japanese family crest stencil (monkiri) cut from persimmon-dyed mulberry paper (a different stencil in each prospectus).

The prospectus was printed here at HM, but the actual book (9.5 x 12 inches, 80 pp.) is being printed by David Clifford on his Vandercook press. The edition will be 30 copies issued in two states: the deluxe copies (1 - 10) will be bound in full leather and include additional samples; regular copies (11 - 30) will be bound in handmade cut-paper paper. Both states will be issued in a clamshell box, with additional samples laid in. Most of the edition is already subscribed by HM's regular clients, but get in touch if you are interested; we're keeping a list.