Lifting Weights 16 Ounces at a Time

Look, there just isn't that much to write about today. Things go well with the new book: paper is being printed, each different kind adding another example to Updike's essay about the interplay of paper and type. But we're supposed to post something on Mondays, so here's this:

The Arc cross trainer. This has proven to be the solution to the problem of severe right-shoulder joint pain that results from printing with a handpress, particularly when one doesn't print for a few months and then jumps right into a new project. It's been a problem for a few years. Trying to stay in shape during the non-printing stretches through weight training didn't really help. But this Arc thing seems to do the trick, primarily because the hand/arm handles work the same group of muscles as pulling the bar on a handpress. So, there you go: the reason we're keeping up a steady pace on the new book. No, we're not shilling. Just scratching for content. That's what journalism is: making sausages with whatever you got at hand. Sometimes it's real meat, sometimes it's filler...