Not All of These Papers Are White

So here's where we're at with the book: above are all but two of the sheets we've printed so far. Today we have to change the points on the press, to go form printing four-up to just two-up, because the remaining sheets came to us in dimensions too small for work-&-turn. Means we'll have to keep them damp between printing the inner and outer formes, but c'est la vie. The sheets still to be done are an unknown, possibly Italian, with a beautiful watermark; some very thin Whatman; the previously mentioned kaichu shi; and a handful of 17th century sheets that will be included in the deluxe copies.

With fingers crossed from the remaining runs, it's looking like the edition of Paper Should Not Always Be White will be 30 copies, with the first ten being a deluxe issue containing (about) six additional samples, bound more elaborately. Price is still tbd (binding structure, materials etc. to be finalized).