Paper for Metal

Start printing the metal type specimen book today. Spent the past few weeks consolidating all the different ideas & approaches we'd developed over the past year, finalizing which types are featured & which play supporting roles, and deciding on a sequence for the book. Part of the sequencing decisions depended on trying to match faces with the various papers that will be used in the book, i.e. bigger and stronger faces with the heavier and more opaque papers.

The final line-up of papers that will be used is: Wookey Hole, Barcham Green Tovil & Bodleian, Golden Hind, kitakata, Reg Lissel's HM Text, Arches Wove, Van Gelder laid, Guarro laid (white and yellow), and Roma.

The edition will be somewhere between 30 and 40 copies, with about 10 including an extra section with four uncommon types on loan from friends, printed on an off-white Barcham Green sheet. More about this section later. 

Haven't finalized a title for the book yet, but for now it's being called Metal Types & Some Paper. Gotta get it published before the end of the year; things are happening around here...