The Shadow's Shadow is the Light

Before (right) & after (left) shot of the last run (silver) on the Van Gelder laid sheet: Gill Shadow in 36 and 24 pt. The title for today's post is a quote from a radio interview Tom Waits did earlier this year; it's set in 14-pt American Shadow on the facing verso (cropped out of today's photo). The other side of the sheet features Oldrich Menhart's Unciala in four sizes.

Been talking with Claudia about the deluxe copies. A plan is taking shape. More to follow soon. The edition looks like it will come in around 35 copies, with between 10 and 15 being extra-bound by her, with an additional section of samples. The remaining copies will be cased in marbled paper over thin boards - just like Types/Paper/Print - at HM. Both states will be issued before the end of the year.